XMPie’s Cool AppForum Dining Guide App: Everybody’s got to eat

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Here at PODi, we’ve been up to our eyeballs in AppForum lately, but this sweet little application from XMPie is a standout idea we want to make sure you don’t miss. (If you were lucky enough to be on our AppForum mailing list and have already tried this out, you can join the ‘special’ group in the other room and talk amongst yourselves.)

2013 AppForum Las Vegas Dining GuideThe 2013 AppForum Las Vegas Dining Guide is an example of a “ready-to-sell” application, a powerful value-add campaign, applicable to all kinds of customers.  We’re using it to promote the AppForum conference and add a special layer of fun for attendees, but it would be fabulous for city or regional business promotions, too.  Everybody’s go to eat, after all. Go try it for yourself!


It’s engaging, interactive & individualized. You choose your favorite foods, and then get a personalized guide, on-the-fly, of Las Vegas restaurants you’ll probably really like. Your guide contains QR Codes so you can access maps and info from your mobile while you are on the move. It’s a classic cross-media application – leveraging several channels, including web, social sharing and triggered emails. If you haven’t done much in the way of cross-media, just experiencing this process done right is an eye opener.

The folks from XMPie will be at AppForum to answer questions about this app (and probably a few more) And they aren’t the only ones with cool ideas and apps and technologies attending.  Hope you’ll be there to be part of the fun, too. (Check out the session descriptions & speakers at www.appforum.org )


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