Xeikon at Labelexpo – More than just Great Presses

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There is a natural evolution for companies that sell presses in a market for many years. They go from being “box suppliers” to “solution providers”.  The new kids on the block are excited about their new presses (and rightly so).  They can’t wait to tell you about all the new features.  With new entrants in the market the messaging is nearly always about the press (and sometimes about finishing too).

However if a company has been in the market for some time the message shifts from “speeds and feeds” to “solutions”.  And that’s what you would have seen had you visited the Xeikon booth at Labelexpo. Sure they had their top presses on display. And yes they have a nice line up of 5 presses, including two with 20” web widths. And yes they have all the “bells and whistles” including in-line laser die cutting.  But what drew my attention at the show was a large number of small kiosks that had samples of product for various vertical markets and a description of how that output was achieved and a new toner formulation that opens up new applications for their customers.

On display were labels for pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, consumer products, health & beauty, and so on.  What was clear is that Xeikon has customers in these vertical markets and Xeikon has been diligently working with their customers to develop complete solutions.  Xeikon understands the requirements for these applications and continues to improve its offering to match. Xeikon can provide a complete solution that includes hardware (press and in-line converting), workflow software (including web to print automation) and compatibility with a wide range of substrates, combined with knowledge of what is needed for the leading vertical markets.

One example of how Xeikon works with customers is a new toner that was introduced at the show called ICE toner.  This new toner was tailored to the needs of Xeikon’s label customers. The new toner is ideal for heat sensitive substrates including PE facestock (polyethylene) and thermal labels. This opens up the potential for a whole range of new applications. PE has a good flexibility and pliability, making it widely used for the surface of packaging that is used on regular and irregular containers that have to be kept away from humidity and chemical solvents. Typical examples include tubes and bottles which need to be squeezable, or bags that need to be pressed.

Being a leader and an early entrant in the label market Xeikon has moved beyond just selling great presses to selling solutions, something you only see from companies who have been servicing a market for some time.

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