What you need to know about selling marketing services to Non-Profits

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Annual GivingThe other day we received and reviewed Lawrence Henze’s keynote presentation on How to Win Business with Non-profits and I am impressed with what he’s going to cover. He has some great insights for anyone selling marketing and campaign services to this sector. Without spoiling his presentation, here are a few nuggets I really liked:

Did you know that overall charitable giving grew 4.9% in 2013 with online giving growing 13.5%? This fact alone has to be a valuable asset when trying to get organizations to migrate to multi-channel campaigns. Furthermore, do you know which three months account for more than a third of all charitable given every year? How can this insight help you suggest a campaign calendar that will yield maximum results?

Lawrence goes through a discussion about how to present yourself to these types of clients. There are things prospects will want to hear about your successes with other institutions but there are pitfalls to avoid as well. Do you know what they are? Do you think a presentation explaining your approach or program will be more likely to grow or cost business?

Probably the biggest area he’s going to cover concerns vocabulary. You’ll alienate your non-profit audience if you use business terms like customer and client instead of terms like constituents and donors. Likewise, non-profits likely won’t respect your expertise if your proposals don’t cover different approaches for various charitable giving functions like annual giving, membership, special events, major giving, planned giving, donor relations/stewardship, database management and prospect research. And you’ll lose your credibility if you give a blank stare when someone asks you about LYBUNT, SYBUNT, PYBUNT, CRATs, CRUTs or NIMCRUTs.

Lawrence is going to explain all of that along with other tips like:

  • What non-profit-specific titles you need to contact
  • The best channels and approaches to recommend for getting prospects to become Planned Gift Donors, Major Gift Donors or Annual Donors
  • What are the best practices regarding the number of solicitations per year? How many solicit? Thank? Inform? Invite?
  • How much most, effective new requests ask for
  • How to make thank-you letters upsell
  • How to look at all communication channels
  • The role social media will play in the future

He also addresses some common beliefs surrounding charitable giving that we’ve all picked up over time. For example, which of the following assumptions are dangerous?

  • All charitable donors look alike
  • Gift amount trumps donor loyalty
  • There is one path to ultimate giving
  • A prospect’s wealth is the key indicator of ultimate giving
  • Frequent donors equal best donors (by revenue)
  • More donors equal fundraising success

And this session really isn’t just a tutorial about non-profits. It looks to be a great lesson in how to sell and develop charitable giving marketing solutions for non-profits including everything from how to develop an effective calendar, to understanding what non-profits really want, to what messages marketing materials should stress.

This looks like a must-see session for anyone looking to grow their business with non-profit organizations – even if you already think you understand the market. Register now for AppForum to see and learn more about how to reach this lucrative and growing market. Plus you’ll get the entire sales, solution and workflow track content to help you grow your business and increase your profitability. Use promotional code AFKeyBlog when you register to identify yourself as one of my blog readers and save $100.

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