What IS FreeFlow? Part 2: Xerox FreeFlow in Five Minutes

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So, I’ve blogged about one FreeFlow product, Output Manager, but perhaps it’s time to provide a quick overview of what Xerox FreeFlow is … and isn’t. I know there is a lot of confusion on this topic in the market and, in fact, it took me three iterations to get the facts accurate here.

This short, five-minute video explains FreeFlow, it’s various components, and how it relates to other Xerox production software. That’s right; FreeFlow is just one of four distinct categories of Xerox production software and solutions.

Xerox offers a vast range of production software solutions that fall into four broad categories:

  • FreeFlow: a suite of Xerox software solutions specifically focused on automating the flow of documents into and through production workflows
  • XMPie: a suite of Xerox software focused on marketing services types of workflows
  • Partner Products and Services: Software and services solutions from over 140 vendors in Xerox’s Business Innovation Partner program which are sold by Xerox through various partnership arrangements
  • and IntegratedPLUS Solutions that seamlessly combine Xerox-exclusive capabilities with one or more partner offerings

This video specifically looks at FreeFlow and is one part of a PODi FreeFlow Overview product briefing that also includes a short demonstration video of several FreeFlow components integrated together. PODi members can read the full FreeFlow Overview product briefing along with other workflow product briefings and case studies in the workflow section of the PODi site at www.podi.org. This is one of a growing series of workflow materials created to help PODi members efficiently grow their business.

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Comment from michael jahn
Time August 26, 2013 at 7:38 am

Nice overview – while the type was too small to read, it seemed like you set up a ‘pipe’ or worflow where you had a wide format printer – linked to an imposition – for a book ?

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