What is FreeFlow? Part 1: A Look at Output Manager

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In my role as workflow analyst, I often hear people talk or ask about FreeFlow as if it were a single product. To me, this indicates a need to try and clear up some of the confusion in the market about what Xerox FreeFlow is. In a nutshell, FreeFlow isn’t a single product, but rather a suite of ten Xerox products focused on automating document movement through print shop production workflows. Bear in mind that FreeFlow isn’t Xerox’s only workflow offering. They also sell their XMPie workflow solutions along with solutions from over 140 global solution partners.

I’m meeting with Xerox product managers and others to make sense of all this and sharing what I learn with PODi members. Not being a linear thinker, I decided to start somewhere in the middle with FreeFlow Output Manager. The attached video provides a short overview of Output Manager including who I thing could most benefit from what it has to offer.

Output Manager is a routing system designed for managing print devices and queues that operations with three or more digital presses will find useful, especially if they support multiple web-to-print portals or have prepress automation with multiple workflow paths. It delivers value by providing an additional level of queue management across print engines that can help efficiently schedule, route and load balance multiple devices in one shop or across multiple sites.

Its core functionality consists of:

  • Printer Registration
  • Queue Creation & Management
  • Pre- and Post-press Scripting
  • Job Routing & Scheduling
  • Job Splitting
  • Printer Accounting

PODi members can read the full Output Manger product briefing in the workflow section of the PODi site at www.podi.org with a detailed video demonstrations of the product. This is one of a growing series of workflow product briefings and case studies created to help PODi members efficiently grow their business.

One Response to “What is FreeFlow? Part 1: A Look at Output Manager”

Comment from Frederic Gaide
Time August 5, 2013 at 1:42 am

FreeFlow is all about tasks automation how to do things faster without risk of error. An application will apply a rule following the desire of the customer. Let’s imagine a Lego you built the way you need !
Scanning? PDF conversion? PreFlight? Web To Print and many others More Jobs ready to print …Optimization of the customer workflow this is what’s all about.

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