What if clients could order entire marketing campaigns as easily as business cards?

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by Greg Cholmondeley, Workflow Practice Director, Caslon & Company

XMPieImagine anyone, say a store manager or dentist or a franchise owner, being able to tailor and order an entire marketing campaign through a web portal as easily as they order their business cards. Let me be clear, I mean an entire, multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaign – not just some post cards. Well, it turns out that XMPie has a way to do that with a solution called Campaigns on Demand.

Here’s the concept:

Most successful direct marketing campaigns boil down to a few dozen or so typical templates. Say that you need a campaign to drive attendance to an event. You might send out a postcard which is followed a week later by an email with both driving people to a website with some sort of response form on it. You need a thank you page and, possibly a ticket or receipt for people who submit the form. You might want to send a second email to people who haven’t visited the site after a certain amount of time, along with a reminder email to respondents the day before the event.

Guess what. Your content might be unique, but that game’s been played hundreds of times already. So, rather than reinventing it, why not simply upload your images, colors, text, dates, times and distribution lists, and let software build, time and execute your campaign.

Marketing departments can use this to build standard, carefully branded campaigns which branches and franchises can use for their local promotions. Imagine an entertainment facility using it to create a mini-campaign for birthday parties, proms, weddings or any hosted event. The point is that end users – not marketers or designers – can easily select, customize and order entire marketing campaigns.

This is cool.

Feel free to take a look at my XMPie Campaigns on Demand PODi product briefing to see how it works.

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