Video: How to Become a Campaign Execution Provider with EFI OPS

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Have you ever pitched providing marketing services to an agency or marketing department and seen a reaction on their face that says:

  • “Is my printer really qualified to design marketing campaigns?”
  • “Hey wait; marketing services is my job – what I really want is to integrate them with direct mail.”

After reviewing EFI OPS, I think this solution provides another way to approach these customers as a Campaign Execution Provider rather than as a Marketing Services Provider. Read more and check out this video to see what I mean.

EFI OPS is a nice web-to-print and eCommerce solution that can create portals for clients can submit and order jobs – but it also has some amazing campaign management features embedded in the storefront. These capabilities can be set up to let clients develop, order, track and manage campaigns right from their portals. This is huge because it means you can offer clients who are used to using email campaign management products like ExactTarget or ActOn, a campaign development platform that includes email, web, SMS and direct mail. You can, of course, hide access to the campaign development features from those clients who need full marketing services.

So, along with selling marketing services, you can provide agencies and marketing departments a marketing platform that they can use to develop multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaigns that include direct mail with QRCodes and personalized URLs. Oh, and since you’re hosting it, all their email and mail production drops come through your shop and you have a very sticky customer.

EFI OPS lets your clients use their MBAs and design degrees to develop direct mail, email, SMS and web marketing campaigns while you provide the tools and services to execute them. Becoming a Campaign Execution Provider might be just what you, and they, need.

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