Using a Vertical Market Focus to Grow Your Business

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The power of cross-media marketing is seen in a couple of education campaigns that we recently added to the PODi case study database. They are also a good example of how a service provider can drive business by focusing on a vertical market. The knowledge and expertise that is developed building a marketing solution for one customer can be applied in the sales and execution of other programs in that market space.

PODi member Rider Dickerson is a Chicago-based print and digital solutions company known for its creative thinking and high standards of client service. They developed both of the campaigns in our new case studies.

Anthem_postcardAnthem Education Uses Cross-Media Marketing to Drive Enrollment. Anthem Education is a family of schools and colleges that provides education and training in the healthcare, business, technology, paralegal, and criminal justice fields. In late November, Anthem’s director of marketing saw that their enrollment figures for January starts were down. A student recruitment campaign was needed to connect with prospects in varying stages of the enrollment process and drive students to enroll for a January start date. Rider Dickerson’s expertise enabled them to quickly develop and launch a cross-media campaign incorporating email, direct mail, and personalized landing pages. Rider Dickerson managed the copywriting and creative for all elements that they executed.

One of the key reasons this campaign was successful was the segmentation of the prospective students. To make the messaging more relevant the audience was segmented into:

  • Leads
  • Students that scheduled an interview but did not show up
  • Students that had an admissions interview but did not enroll
  • Students that enrolled but did not start classes
  • Students that started classes but dropped out
  • Current students

The campaign more than paid for itself by driving enrollments.

Chicago-Kent_postcardChicago-Kent College of Law Admitted Students Yield Campaign. IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, the law school of Illinois Institute of Technology, is nationally recognized for the scholarship and accomplishments of its faculty and student body. Despite its illustrious reputation the school was challenged with a low yield rate – the percentage of admitted students that ultimately enrolled. Chicago-Kent also faced a nationwide trend of declining numbers of applicants. Working with Rider Dickerson, it was determined that a multi-phase communication program was needed to keep Chicago-Kent continually in front of students as they made their enrollment decisions. As students who visit the campus are much more likely to enroll, one of the goals of the campaign was to increase attendance at admitted student visit days. The touch points included personalized postcards, emails, letters, personalized landing pages, brochures and text messages. The coordinated direct marketing campaign led to a 178.3% increase in attendance at Friday visit days in March and April and an 18.2% increase in the overall deposit rate for students.

Rider Dickerson has illustrated their expertise in the education market in several other PODi cases:

These case studies have helped Rider Dickerson get noticed in the education market. Anthem Education originally learned about Rider Dickerson because of the work that they did for Robert Morris University.

If you would like to learn more about building solutions for the education market attend “How to Create Winning Campaigns for the Education Market” at AppForum, March 31 – April 2 in Las Vegas. Kim Gross from Pacesetter Enterprises, another PODi member with a lot of success in the education market, will lead this session. She will walk attendees through the process of creating a solution/campaign planning template for the Educational market – complete with hands-on tools to get you started before you even leave the conference.In addition to this session, there will be workshops that will help you turn your marketing solution experience into effective sales stories. Register now and get $100 off your conference registration with promo code AF_Mar_Blog.

PODi will be adding more case studies to the database over the next several weeks so keep returning to the site and watch for notices in this blog.

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