Tucker Castleberry Shares Workflow Automation Success

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PODi just published its first online workflow case study. In it, Seth Brown of Tucker Castleberry Printing in Atlanta discusses and demonstrates how they’ve altered and automated their workflows as they’ve blended digital production alongside their offset work. Anyone who watched March Madness is familiar with their work – they produced all the NCAA signage.

In this video clip, one part of the full case study, Seth walks through their automation of the production phase of their workflow. In it, he primarily focuses on their use of Kodak Prinergy and Dashboard. Some of the key points he makes are:

  • Prinergy automatically move jobs into production after approval, marks all the pages as approved, outputs a laser, and sends them to the next production step – which could either be to the Nexpress or to plating. When sending to Nexpress, the system also automatically sends an email to the production manager.
  • Even with this automated process Tucker Castleberry still produces job jackets and lasers which physically travel with the jobs.
  • The jobs are also fed into Kodak Dashboard enabling production management and CSRs to easily track and manage their jobs throughout the shop. This is real time information fed by Prinergy and guided by Rules Based Automation which ends when jobs are plated or printed.

The key benefits they’ve discovered include:

  • A much faster workflow with fewer touches
  • Flexibility in automating a wide variety of jobs due to Rules Based Automation programming and JDF communications
  • A much greater understanding of what is going on by both internal staff and customers due to numerous automated email notifications.

The entire case study provides similar details about their overall workflow and objectives, prepress, proofing and approvals, and post-press workflows. PODi members can read it online, including viewing video clips like this of each workflow phase, in the new Workflow Solutions section on the PODi site.

Case studies like this are designed to help PODi members build more profitable businesses by seeing what works at for other operations and by learning which processes and solutions might be a good fit for improving their own workflows. No one answer is right for everyone – but seeing real, up-to-date examples of the struggles and successes of peers will help all PODi members determine best approaches to evolve their workflows and improve their profitability.

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