Tips to improve keyword density on a web page

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Once you have done your keyword analysis and have a list of targeted keywords, SEOmoz offers a few tips on where to place these keywords on your website.

Title Tag: Use the main keyword in the title tag at least once and possibly twice (or as a variation). Try to keep the most relevant keyword close to the beginning of the title tag.

Meta Description Tag: Use keywords at least once (twice if it makes sense) in the meta description tag.

Note: Search engines do not use meta description tags for ranking, but are attracted to the text.

Header Tag: Use the main keyword once in the H1 header tag of your page.

Body Copy:

  • Use keywords at least 3X in the body of your webpage (more if there is a lot of text content.) You may find additional value in adding the each keyword more often than this, but it tends to have little to no impact on rankings.
  • Use the main keyword at least once in bold on your webpage. Use either the <strong> or <b> tag, as search engines consider them the same.

Image: Use the main keyword at least once in the alt attribute of an image on the page. This not only helps with web search, but also image search, which can bring valuable traffic.

URL: Use the main keyword in the URL.

HTML: Keywords must be in HTML. HTML is the language that the search engines can read. If you have keywords in FLASH it may look great, but search engines can’t read it.

Text Links: Each page must have a text link navigating to it. If you cannot navigate by a text link to one of your website pages, neither can a search engine.

Placing a carefully selected set of keywords in the right areas will improve your web pages’ search rankings, attracting more traffic and generating more leads.

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