Tips for Selling to Non-Profits

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Non-profits are a key vertical market for many service providers, where integrated marketing campaigns are often a strategic part of fundraising strategies. According to the 2013 Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report, 93 percent of individual donations still come through traditional offline channels. Service providers can help deliver solutions with consistent messages across channels including email, direct mail, landing pages and the nonprofit’s website.

In the Charitable Giving Report, Rick Dunham, president and CEO of Dunham & Company, a fundraising firm in Plano, Texas, shared his insights on appeals by faith-based-affiliated charities.

Direct mail appeals continue to be more effective at generating contributions than online appeals, Dunham said. “A truly effective direct-mail strategy will always outperform an online appeal strategy,” he said. But when both strategies are integrated, a growing number of donors prefer to fulfill their gift online using their credit card. “That’s why you want to make sure the donor experiences the same messaging” online that they get through direct mail, Dunham said.

The PODi case study database has many examples of donor appeal campaigns in both the non-profit and education sectors. PODi members can use these case studies to craft sales stories about how cross-media campaigns can increase donor participation and drive revenue.

In recent conversations with Foundry users about their non-profit sales stories, the following tips were shared.

  • When telling a story about work you have done for another non-profit, spend some time introducing the organization. You can’t assume that the person you are talking to is already familiar with your non-profit customer. Plus, sharing the mission and impact of the organization can help to emotionally engage your prospect.
  • Don’t focus on your implementation (“we executed a multi-touch, cross-media campaign”) but rather the impact your solution had on the non-profit (“our solution increased their annual appeal revenue by 20% which enabled the organization to serve hundreds of more people” or “our solution reduced labor for the staff which meant they could focus instead on meeting their mission”).
  • Convey your passion and what differentiates you from the competition. What can you deliver for this prospect that others can’t?
  • Keep the story short – two to three minutes is best

At AppForum we will have multiple opportunities for attendees to learn what matters to non-profit marketers and development directors and to build out their own sales stories for this market.

  • Keynote: How to Win Business with Non-Profits and Charities. Lawrence Henze, Managing Director of Target Analytics, A Blackbaud Company, will share what kinds of solutions non-profits are looking for and how you can get in the door.
  • Workshops: Selling to Non-Profits. Rab Govil, president of PODi, and Paul Strack, president of CustomXM will run two workshops where attendees will break into groups and tackle specific sales scenarios.
  • How to Create Winning Campaigns for the Education Market. You just sold your University client on the idea of a cross media campaign to increase donations from alumni. The campaign involves direct mail, email, purls, and social media. Now what do you do? Kim Gross, Director of Sales & Marketing for Pacesetter Enterprises, will guide attendees through the process of creating a solution/campaign planning template for the Educational market.

AppForum is March 31 – April 2nd in Las Vegas – Register Now. Plus as one of my blog readers you’ll get a discount – enter promotional code AF_Feb_Blog and you’ll get $100 off your registration.

Another opportunity available to PODi members for building effective sales stories about fundraising solutions is the Foundry sales training system. Members can request free trial access to Foundry where they can view sample stories for development campaigns in the education market. Users can then practice delivering these stories, or create their own stories and share them across their sales organization. As the old adage goes – practice makes perfect! Get started with Foundry now.

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