The Rapid Adoption of Smart Phones and Tablets Creates New Opportunities

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Every year Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers creates a report that highlights the latest internet trends. Ms. Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report contains a wealth of information about devices, usage trends, apps, and how everyday activities are being re-imagined with new technologies. You should check it out. 

Not surprisingly, one of the drivers for change is the rapid rise in the adoption of smart phones and tablets. The number of tablets sold is growing at a rate that is much higher than PC’s ever did.

Tablet Adoption

At this rate the number of mobile devices will outnumber people by 2015 or so, as they will reach somewhere in the range of 10B units by 2015. The UN Estimate of total population by 2015 is 7.2B.

Mobile Devices

That’s 1.4 devices/person on this earth.

How can print service providers get in on this trend?

Linking print to the online world through QR codes, Near-Field Communications (NFCs), and more recently image recognition technologies is an ongoing opportunity; especially for those who go beyond print and help create and configure the online content.

With the fast rise in smart phones and tablets there is a new need to get content created and formatted for both print and mobile devices. We know books and magazines are being formatted and published in both print and tablet versions. What about other print products such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, product spec sheets, menus, etc? Does it make sense to think through how this content is best presented on smart phones and tablets?

New products like Xerox’s FreeFlow Digital Publisher make it possible for PSP’s to offer digital publishing services and get in on the mobile wave.  The skill sets and workflows required to “print to tablets” are similar to getting content ready to print on paper, thus the learning curve isn’t super steep.

If PSP’s can re-imagine their role a s helping customers communicate effectively in both print and electronic formats then new services revenues are possible.



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