The Perks of Presenting: What’s In It for Me?

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We’ve just announced the dates for the 2012 AppForum – January 23-25 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Woo Hoo! Now it’s time to start building our team of speakers. Unlike other conferences, we look for actual users – print and marketing service providers and direct marketing pros – of digital print and 1:1 marketing strategies to present their stories at AppForum.

Why do these very busy business owners or executives want to come? Why take time away from business to share expertise and hard-won knowledge with others in the community?

Quite simply, it’s a great investment that really pays off. You get:

  • International exposure and prestige for your company
  • Positioned as an expert and an industry thought leader
  • An opportunity to promote yourself to your clients and customer community
  • Profitable new business connections
  • Innovative revenue-generating ideas from other attendees
  • Free admission to all three days of AppForum sessions and networking events
  • Fun times with great people in Vegas

I’ve heard lots of comments from past speakers on how they made the biggest sale of their careers, or met a fantastic partner because of their stint as an AppForum speaker. Last year, speaker Renee Hall from Dukky, “…walked away with some great connections!” Pace’s Randy Marquis who presented a session on email marketing describes AppForum as an” incredible opportunity to learn from each other. Amazingly encouraging, non-competitive environment.” Speaker Paul Strack from CustomXM found “the content…spot on in many of the growth areas we’re exploring and plan to explore in the future.”

For as much as speaking at an event like AppForum can do for you, it can also be a benefit to your customer, should you choose to present together (this makes for a fantastic session – and we encourage it). It enhances their reputation and gives them the chance to get some well-deserved glory for their marketing successes. Shane Guiter from KLRU-TV joined his service providers for a joint presentation at the 2011 AppForum. He enjoyed the event and came away with “three solid ideas … that will improve KLRU.”

Think about how much this small investment could do for you in the long term. Get more details and submit a proposal before August 26.

All the world’s a stage, and yours might be at AppForum.

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