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Komori’s Impremia IS29 is Ready for Prime Time

Last updated: Thursday, August 23, 2018

Komori’s Impremia IS29 is a B2+ UV inkjet digital press and is one of the latest entries into the inkjet cutsheet market. This press is targeted for the commercial print market as it offers offset image quality on standard offset coated media. The IS29 is ideal for companies running 400K sheets per months and keep [...]

Are offset press sales leveling off?

Last updated: Thursday, August 11, 2016

The last several years have been extremely difficult for offset press manufacturers. Driven by electronic substation, short run economics, and continued uptake in personalization press sales have declined dramatically.  But are we at the bottom of that decline or is this just the calm before the storm? To try to get a handle on sales [...]

Komori Big Iron Includes Digital Inkjet Cutsheet and Continuous Feed

Last updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Highly regarded offset press manufacturer, Komori, has added high end inkjet for both cutsheet and continuous feed to their portfolio.  Komori has partnered with Konica Minolta and Screen to add two new high-powered products to their lineup. At a recent customer open house Komori was demonstrating the range of their offering by producing all the [...]

Inkjet with Great Image Quality on Uncoated Offset Stock on Display at Graph Expo 2015

Last updated: Thursday, October 22, 2015

Color inkjet printing has made tremendous progress over the last several years.  Page volumes grew by 38% in 2014 and pages from high speed continuous form inkjet presses accounted for 45% of the total color production digital pages in North America. This growth has been in the areas of transactional statements, books, and direct mail. [...]

An Update on B2 Digital Cutsheet Presses for Commercial Printing

Last updated: Thursday, October 3, 2013

First shown at drupa 2008, that’s right 2008, were the B2 size digital color inkjet cutsheet presses from Fujifilm and Screen. Fast forward to drupa 2012 and those same two presses were just coming to market while HP was showing the HP Indigo 10000 , Konica Minolta was showing a technology demonstration called KM-1 and [...]

KM-1 On Display at Print 13

Last updated: Thursday, September 19, 2013

First shown at drupa in 2012, the KM-1 is a 29” (B2 format) UV inkjet technology demonstration.  The press is designed for the commercial market and offers high image quality output.  The KM-1 is a combined effort from Konica Minolta and Komori.  Konica Minolta is providing the inkjet technology and Komori is engineering the paper [...]