Specialty Dentist Grows Referrals Through Personalized Campaign

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Business Objectives: RAMP is a marketing agency that specifically focuses on the marketing needs of dentists. They partnered with Modern Mail to create a campaign for Dr. Wilhelm, a prosthodontist and his practice, Imagine Your Smile/Natural Dentistry by Design. His objectives:
• Increase awareness among general dentists in the area

• Establish long term relationships with area dentists via a study club
• Gain specialty dentistry referrals from the area’s general dentists

Although this was a small mailing for a single specialty dentist, there are opportunities to replicate this on a much larger scale or with practitioners in any locale.

  Results: With just two mailers sent to 468 general dentists, Dr. Wilhelm had a record year for referrals. With a $20,000 average annual value per referring dentist, it is easy to see how quickly this can pay for itself many times over.
• 6.84% visit rate
• 4.06% response rate

• 21 dentists visited their PURLs with 11 filling out the survey
• 18 (94.74%) area dentists requested and received referral card packs
• 13 (68.42%) area dentists joined the study club

In addition, a really eye-opening outcome of this particular project is that traditional metrics like cost-per-piece, number mailed and even response rates are not terribly meaningful. The true metric measures business closed, which in this case was how many new referrals (and on-going referral relationships) result from the campaign. Choosing this perspective delivers a very different, and more accurate, measurement of return on investment from a personalized campaign.

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Client Dr. Mark Wilhelmwww.imagineyoursmile.com
Print Provider and Agency Modern Mailwww.ModernMail.com
Creative Agency RAMPwww.RAMPresults.com

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