Social media drives new revenue for PIP Triad

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PIP Triad, a print service provider in North Carolina was interested in expanding its marketing reach and expanding its service offerings to include marketing services.  They did both by hiring Jessica Byerly. Jessica is the marketing director for PIP Triad and is a social media wiz.  She handles social media marketing for her company and she also has helped create a new revenue stream for PIP by managing social media for a number of PIP Triad customers.

A 2013 survey by the CMO showed that marketing budgets were expected to be up about 6%, but marketing spending on traditional advertising (meaning all media not using the web) is declining by 2.7%.  Traditional direct mail and printed marketing pieces fall in this category. However digital marketing spend is up 10.2%.  This includes social media, website, SEO, banner ads, etc.

Percent change in marketing spend in the next 12 months

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PIP Triad could see that a number of their customers were struggling with social media.  But before they could offer to help they needed to demonstrate that they could really deliver great service.  So they hired Jessica to manage PIP Triad’s social media activities.  Once PIP’s own social media was up and running successfully then they began to offer to do the same for customers.

Jessica spends about an hour and a half per week generating content and managing Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. And now she spends time on behalf of her customers and generates between $400 and $2000 per month in revenue per client, managing social media for them.

Jessica shared important tips and tricks for managing social media during a recent PODi webinar. PODi members can view the webinar from this link: :

Jessica’s contact info is or

One of the really interesting findings for Jessica was that her company was able to sell more document printing and more signage to the companies for which she managed their social media.  So not only is she able to drive revenue for PIP Triad by managing social media she is able to drive additional new printing revenue as well.  Very cool.

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