Slick tool to help design, collaborate and sell marketing solutions

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Have you ever tried to pitch a direct marketing campaign concept to someone who just doesn’t get it? Have you ever struggled to engage a CMO, who only seems to understand PowerPoint slides, to conceptualize, contribute and sign off on a personalized campaign? If so, then you ought to take a look at XMPie Circle – and you can start with the attached video. Circle is a campaign collaboration tool that is cloud based, easy to use, easy to understand, and, for much of the collaboration functionality, free. In other words – it’s something anyone could use.

So, wait a minute, let’s start with that “free” concept I so casually threw out. XMPie has developed a tool for teams of people (marketing service providers, marketers, CMOs, designers, etc.) to brainstorm, design and build marketing campaigns in a collaborative fashion – and they aren’t going to charge most people to use it. They only start charging when you want to integrate it into their XMPie execution engine – which they’re counting on people wanting to do. You can still use Circle as a sales accelerator for selling marketing campaign services if you don’t want to integrate it with the XMPie execution engine, or even if you use other products to implement your campaigns. Of course, integrating it into the XMPie execution engine adds tremendous value by streamlining implementation and incorporating real images and content with personalized content driven from your data along with real-time dashboards right in Circle.

Circle lets teams of people drag, drop and link campaign elements into workflows that describe marketing campaigns. Unlike a simple Visio chart, these aren’t just pretty icons – they have functionality behind them. You can have socially driven discussions among the team on each touch point where people post comments or upload design ideas. You can invite other contributors to join with various levels of rights. You can view these campaigns as icons or as images representing what recipients will see. And, if you link it into the XMPie execution engine, you can get a bird’s eye view of the total recipient experience across all touch points and really comprehend the impact of personalization on a campaign.

We’ve pulled together a product briefing that is available to all PODi members in the workflow section of our PODi website at that consists of a product analysis, a product overview video, and four demonstration videos. The attached video is a demonstration of the planning phase.

For more information about Circle, PODi members can go to Also be sure to go to the XMPie Circle Product Page at

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