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Anyone familiar with me knows that I dearly love my alma mater, which will remain nameless here so as not to incriminate them. I was recently disappointed with a letter I received requesting donations to the College of Arts & Sciences Annual Fund.

The letter begins by saying how important experiences outside the lecture hall are to students’ learning and how donations to the Annual Fund support that. It gives examples of how meteorology students have benefitted from participation in storm chases and chemistry students gain meaningful experience with sophisticated equipment. (For the record I was a Communications major.) It closes with “Will you join your fellow alumni and give your support to help our next generation of meteorologists, scientists, mathematicians, artists, educators and more?”

Wouldn’t this have been more effective if it had been more relevant to me? Information could have been included on internships communications students have done or the recent improvements to the teleproduction facilities.

Certainly Rosemont and Allegheny Colleges did a better job of speaking to their alumni as illustrated in our latest white paper (available free, exclusively to PODi members), “Fundraising Solutions for the Education Market.” These schools personalized their communications with the recipient’s major, extracurricular activities and graduation year. Plus they drove alumni to a Personalized URL for further interaction and donations.


The paper provides best practice solutions for marketing and development professionals at educational institutions illustrated with successful campaigns from PODi’s case study database. It’s an outstanding resource for service providers. According to Mark Parent, president of Sugar Bush Media Solutions, “This paper will be very valuable for our company as we are always looking for ways to show prospects the types of solutions we can build for them.”

For examples of digital print solutions in other markets Caslon has developed a series of Vertical Solution Maps addressing the following markets:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Travel
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance/Healthcare
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Retail

These tools highlight common marketing challenges in each industry, solutions that drive business results, and the PODi case studies that illustrate successful implementations. Service providers should use these maps to understand the needs of marketing professionals in a particular vertical market and how you can address those needs.

Stay tuned for more white papers that take a deeper look at individual vertical markets and the value of digital print solutions.

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