Retail value of color digital printing grows again

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The retail value of digital pages was up 3% in 2016 to $34.7 billion. The increase was driven by color page volumes, which were up by 15%, however, just like in 2015, most of the increase in print volume was from transactional and direct mail inkjet pages, which have a lower price per page than the pages produced in prior years. And finally the growth in value of color pages was partially offset by a 1% decline in the value of monochrome pages and some price pressure. The chart shows 78% of the retail value is coming from color pages.

retail value  2016

Direct Mail is now the most valuable digital, followed by sales collaterals. Revenue from color transactional print and books are also growing more quickly as digital color adoption via high speed continuous form inkjet presses occurs.

The retail value is represents the revenue derived by print service providers when they sell their printed output. Since 2004 the retail value of color digital printing has increased each year and remains a bright spot in the overall printing market.


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