Read and Watch: A 3-day task reduced to 1 hour? Buffalo Printing shows how with Avanti and Xerox

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Buffalo Printing in Buffalo, New York, had a major client who submitted large orders of short-run work several times a week via spreadsheets generated from their corporate systems. Buffalo Printing needed to fulfill these orders within 4 days … yet it took 3 days to enter each order which contained hundreds of jobs with individual quantities ranging from one to thousands. Furthermore, it was taking them 2 weeks to invoice the jobs which disrupted their cash flow.

Now, that same 3-day task takes one hour and their 2-week invoicing delay is reduced to next-day.

Buffalo Printing needed a powerful MIS system, an automated way to get the customer’s orders into the system, a way to efficiently produce a large number of short-run jobs, and a faster way to invoice to improve their cash flow.

In this video, Buffalo Printing’s president, Joe Farage shares the first part of how they achieved this dramatic improvement by revising their workflow and by completely replacing their existing MIS system with an Avanti solution.

  • This client regularly submits hundreds of reprint orders via a spreadsheet
  • They augment and reformat it into a CSV file and submit to Avanti
  • The orders are automatically entered into the system and jobs sent into various production workflows
  • Multi-part orders are consolidated into bins and distributed to the client

They now:

  • Have a streamlined order entry process (from 3 days to 1 hour)
  • Efficiently produce job elements
  • Have dramatically increased their profitability
  • Retained a 24-year client account

PODi members can read the full story including, how they automated their production workflow by integrating Xerox FreeFlow Process Manager, and what they view were their keys to success in the full Buffalo Printing Workflow Case Study in the workflow section of the PODi site at This is one of a growing series of workflow product briefings and case studies created to help PODi members efficiently grow their business.

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