Printers continue to invest in digital color printing and marketing services

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In early 2015 Caslon surveyed printers in North America about their investment plans for the near future. Caslon segments the market into seven categories: commercial printers (>10 employees), quick/small printers, digital printers, direct mailers, in-plants, service bureaus and data center printers.

Printers in every segment are constantly looking to grow their business. Shown below are the survey results for commercial printers (>10 employees) and small/quick printers.

The commercial printers (>10 employees) survey results showed nearly 60% plan to invest in digital color printing and that investment is split 50-50 between two business models for digital printing: print on demand and marketing services. Two other categories – wide format and mailing services – rounded out the top five investment areas

investment commercial printers


Results from the smaller print shops show a slightly different investment pattern. Quick printers have found good success with wide format and expect to continue investing in it. For now the margins are good.  The other major area that Quick Printers plan to invest in is Marketing Services.  And a high number are investing in mailing services as well.

investment quick printers

The high percentage of respondents (80%) that indicate they will invest in marketing services was a surprise as we know that many smaller companies have found it difficult to acquire the expertise needed to create and sell marketing services. Franchises, which are a part of this segment are making more headway in this arena than many other quick printers because it has become a key element of the franchise growth strategy. As such they often supply software, design services, and campaign services directly from the corporate office.

So while the movement to marketing services has been going on for a long time, it’s still relevant for a high number of large and small printers.

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