Printer Presence: Way Beyond Web-to-Print

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Printer Presence by Firespring is a cloud-based website solution that provides printers with a professional online presence along with web-to-print and other related services. I interviewed Tawnya Starr, President of Printer Presence, at PODi’s AppForum in Las Vegas. She shared some insights about how the product has evolved, where it is headed, the kinds of results that are experienced and who most benefit from products like this. This blog summarizes my notes from the interview, but you can also watch the video to hear the message directly from Tawnya.

Not Just Web-to-Print

Tawnya explains that Printer Presence has over 3,000 web-to-print solution clients in 11 countries. In the 12 years that they have been around, their offering has evolved from a basic web-to-print package designed for quick printers to a much more robust offering that is best suited for small to mid-sized commercial printers with 5 to 100 employees and between $1M-$20M in annual revenue. The solution delivers a professional online and mobile presence with marketing tools to support email marketing, direct mail, and, of course, web-to-print, that drive  prospects and customers to the website.

Being a cloud-based, SaaS offering, provides a number of benefits. Implementation is quick with websites going live in 10 business days and maintenance is easy since everything is hosted, maintained and updated by Printer Presence. Also, Printer Presence is always working on enhancements, updates and modifications to the technology based upon the trends happening in the market – so the product is constantly evolving.

The Results

The results that Printer Presence has found from customer case studies is that their clients have seen improved relationships with their customers and revenues increasing by an average of 30%. Furthermore, they typically start seeing revenues increase within the first four weeks of implementation.

What’s Next

Having a great online presence can help bring new customers and jobs in – but those jobs need to be seamlessly tied into the shop workflow to maximize profitability. Printer Presence recognizes this and is working on developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so that their online front end can link up with MIS systems, point of sale systems, and production workflow systems.

Printer Presence has come a long way from providing web-to-print for quick printers to providing a rich online and mobile experience and marketing solution for small to mid-size commercial printers. They will truly become part of an integrated workflow solution once they can easily link into back-end administrative and production workflow systems. It seems to me that they are headed in the right direction and that their business results to date support that.

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