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As the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Missouri School of Journalism approached, I received a direct mail kit from my alma mater inviting me to attend the centennial festivities. Although I was unable to make the celebration, the piece had me transfixed. (I received this piece before I joined the industry, so my only bias was my love of the school.) I saved it in my home office, and when I started as a direct mail project coordinator, I brought it into the office and kept it at my desk, eagerly sharing it with anyone who dropped by. It now sits about four feet from my current desk, always ready to pick up and flip through when I want to reminisce about my days as a j-school student. (And often top of mind, when they ask me for money.)


Why was the piece so special? The outer was a file folder – MY folder – and inside it contained (among many other unique features) a sticky note with a message from the dean, perforated bookmarks featuring the Journalist’s Creed and the motto inscribed on the school’s iconic arch (Wise Shall Be the J-SchoolBearers of Light), and a daily planner with “handwritten” notes of all the events. It reminded me of the so many memories I had studying there. Now, if you didn’t go to Mizzou, you are probably thinking, “So what?” And that’s part of what makes it so great: It resonated so deeply because it was so relevant to me. It’s a tangible, lasting connection to the education, the friends, the memories I cherished. I certainly can’t think of any email that’s provoked that reaction.


So next time you’re planning a direct mail piece, think about your recipient and how you can connect with them. If you really knock it out of the park, it’ll still be pulled out of their desk drawer many years later.


Have a favorite direct mail piece you’ve received? Share it in the comments!

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