Print Service Providers Optimistic about Growth of Color Digital and Offset Printing

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With page volumes up by 15% in 2016, digital color printing continues to be a top growth opportunity for print service providers. This marks the fifth year in a row of annual growth between 12% and 18%.  Contrast this with offset printing where print volumes declined again in 2017 and over the last five years page volumes have declined by 21% or about 4% per year.

Caslon surveyed print service providers at the beginning of 2017 to get insight into how they thought their print volumes will change in 2017.  The survey was for companies in the production printing market which includes applications like direct mail, collateral, catalogs, magazines, books, manuals, transactional (and 10 more) but does not include packaging, newspapers, and wide format.

Presented here are survey results for three different segments of the market: commercial printers with more than 10 employees, quick printers and small commercial printers, and digital printers (companies with no or very little offset printing).

In all three cases the survey respondents are expecting good growth in color digital printing.  80% to 90% of the respondents are expecting growth.  Roughly a third of the PSP’s expect color digital printing to grow by more than 10%.

color digital page growth


As for offset the responses weren’t as positive with only 10% to 15% expecting to grow offset pages by more than 10%.  However commercial printers are still optimistic with nearly 60% expecting to grow their offset business by 1 to 10%.  Quick printers weren’t as optimistic with roughly 25% expecting offset volumes to decline.

offset pages

Overall the results show digital color printing continues to be a growth area and for many print service providers and offset printing is expected to grow too – a welcome change from previous years.

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