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PODi just ran our first survey of Cloud Computing use in the production printing market and we’re already learning some interesting things. For example, Software as a Service (SaaS) use is widespread among PSPs, MSPs and direct mailers. 78% of the companies surveyed currently use some sort of SaaS and that is expected to rise to 88% in two years. SaaS is not, however, used nearly as much in in-plants, where only 41% use some sort of SaaS and 59% will in two years. We’ll explore the reasons for this difference as we examine the data in detail and will let you know our conclusions.

Cloud Strategies

Also, while it is not surprising to discover that half of the PSPs and MSPs don’t have a strategy in place for using SaaS, did you realize that a quarter of them have strategies to specifically NOT use SaaS? This is even more prevalent with in-plants where 60% have strategies prohibiting SaaS use. At the same time, many of these companies with cloud-prohibitive strategies admit to using SaaS today – and more plan to invest in it! Are they just ignoring their strategies or do they expect them to change?

The bottom line is that SaaS is commonly used in the production workspace today – yet few organizations have strategies in place for using it. If you are part of the shrinking minority who are not using SaaS today, perhaps you should ask yourself why. The technology, selection of offerings, and capabilities are rapidly changing in this space. Decisions made a year ago may no longer be valid. You may find that you’re missing out on some important competitive edges.

Stay tuned as we continue to analyze the data. We’ll be reporting on the different perspectives SaaS adopters and SaaS non-adopters have regarding risks and benefits. We’ll also report on the key areas where your peers are using SaaS today – and where they’re looking to invest next.

Over 110 companies from 6 countries participated in the online survey but we will keep it active for a while longer if you would like to add your voice to the crowd. It contains about 24 questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete online at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KV2Z59Z


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