Part 3 – Ideas that Work for the Education Market

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This is the final segment of our 3-part excerpt from the Caslon white paper: Fundraising Solutions for the Education Market.

Fundraising Challenge #3: Reduce administrative costs by moving donations online

Moving donations online can reduce labor costs for schools and universities by eliminating manual processing time and can decrease the hassles of bounced checks thanks to automated payment processing.

Ideas that Work: Provide an easy response mechanism through Personalized URLs

   A Personalized URL is a way to address a specific personalized landing page on any outbound direct response medium. Generally the Personalized URL will include the name of the person in the URL, as in,

but sometimes it can be the name of the company or some other identification that will deliver the client to the landing page. The landing page typically has similar copy and graphics to what was sent out, whether via email or direct mail, delivering the same message and continuing the process of conversion.

The personalization attracts the attention of recipients and makes responding quick and easy. Personalized URLs and their associated landing pages have several other benefits including:

  • Enabling the presentation of personally relevant information to the visitor
  • Promoting dialogue with donors through the use of online surveys

For a great example see the case study for the University of Alabama.

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