New Ricoh Inkjet Press Product Briefing

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by Greg Cholmondeley, Workflow Practice Director, Caslon & Company

Blog PhotoRicoh has a new continuous feed inkjet press out and there’s a PODi Product Briefing on it. Their new RICOH Pro VC40000 fits in nicely between their IP50000 and Pro VC60000 presses.

The RICOH Pro VC40000 is a CMYK plus one optional color, continuous feed, digital inkjet press designed to meet the needs of direct mailers, service bureaus, and data centers who produce tens of millions of pages per month. The innovation in the Pro VC40000 over the IP50000 is in its color uniformity across the page and its ability to print at its highest quality at all speeds. Let me explain why this is important.

The IP5000 has similar quality to the new VC40000 at lower speeds, but it can’t maintain it at higher speeds. That’s fine for transpromo applications. The top speed quality is fine for most of those types of jobs and only slow it down for the ones which require higher print quality.

The other big difference is uniformity across the page. Again, this isn’t necessarily a big deal for most transpromo applications where you’re adding a small, color ad in the corner of a bill or statement. However, if you’re trying to replace preprinted shells, you’ll need to have uniformity over large areas with images, borders and background gradients. This opens up the door for the VC40000 to eliminate the cost and waste related to preprinted shells as well as to be able to produce applications like healthcare or 401K enrollment booklets.

Here are some quick VC40000 numbers:

  • 120 m/min (394 ft/min) print speed
  • 520 mm (20.4 in) wide 40-250 gsm paper
  • Over 100,000 letter sized images/hour (>200,000 /hr in a twin configuration)
  • CMYK + optional 5th color with CMY head parking
  • Native PDF, PDF/VT & AFP data streams
  • JDF & advanced color management

You can view the full, 2-video, PODi Product Briefing at The first video covers the VC40000 and the second covers the RICOH Process Director 3.6 White Paper Manufacturing and BatchBuilder software. PODi members have access to this and all other PODi product briefings and workflow video case studies at

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