New MarcomCentral Product Briefing: Beyond Print

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by Greg Cholmondeley, Workflow Practice Director, Caslon & Company

MarcomCentralOver the years I’ve reviewed numerous web portal products for print and marketing services providers. This month I had the chance to give MarcomCentral® a spin. It’s a pretty cool product for companies who want to go beyond just having a print submission interface. Sure, you can upload PDFs for printing or order static print jobs but, honestly, if that’s all you need to do this is probably overkill because MarcomCentral does so much more.

To me, MarcomCentral is a solution for companies which want to support marketing departments with tools and services that help them do their jobs. I spent many years in marketing for major corporations and know that one of the challenges marketing departments face is in managing design resources so that designers, departments and vendors are using the right logos, colors, images, disclaimers and so forth. This gets even tougher for companies which want to let branches and sales teams customize marketing materials. How do you maintain consistent branding and quality while enabling localization? It’s tough, and that’s where MarcomCentral really shines, whether it’s internally maintained by a company or leveraged as a service from a print and marketing service provider.

The system lets designers order and download approved and up-to-date logos, images and other design elements. It provides controlled templates for designing brochures, postcards and other marketing materials with imagery and content selectable from pulldowns or entered by hand. It can be used to create brochures and proposals consisting of multiple documents. It can even be used to generate PowerPoint presentations, emails, and social media blasts.

Like I said, this goes way beyond print for those companies which want to provide advanced marketing support services with HTML5 interfaces which can be branded to client needs. Rather than supporting marketing program execution for one channel, print, it provides an integrated set of tools and services to assist marketing departments develop and execute marketing programs across many channels. If that’s an area you want to pursue, I encourage you to take a look at the new PODi MarcomCentral Product Briefing videos.

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