New Content-driven PODi Website Keeps You Up to Date

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podi websiteGo to today and you’ll see some major changes. It’s gone from a static, generic page to an up-to-the-minute content-driven design highlighting the latest, relevant PODi materials based upon your area of interest. In other words, PODi has always been about high-quality content such as our 500+ case study library, workflow product briefings, reports, articles and sales tools. Now the website reflects that. Here’s what you’ll see when you visit:

Four segment-focused landing pages, each containing descriptions and links to the most recent, segment-specific blog articles, case studies, and production materials.

Top Stories ( contains everything, including all the latest PODi articles, case studies & production materials, association information, the Production Workflow Initiative, AppForum and Foundry. Foundry is the exciting new sales training and practicing tool available to all PODi members to use for situational story-telling guides, practicing and sales team coaching.

Print-on-Demand ( lists all articles, case studies and production materials related to digital print on demand.

Marketing Services ( lists all PODi materials pertaining to the marketing services business.

Packaging & Labels ( showcases everything PODi has on the digital packaging business.

Nothing disappeared. All the previous site structure, menus, organization and searching capabilities still exist for you find what you need, but we feel this new home page design will help our members and guests discover the ever-changing PODi content they need to keep their businesses at the forefront.

Give it a try, leave a comment about what you like or what we missed, and be sure to visit frequently. Christine, Dave and I are constantly adding new materials for you to use. This just gives you a better way to discover them.

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