Video: Midwestern Printer Shows How to Do Corporate-driven Marketing Campaigns for Dealers

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The best part of my job is talking with creative people doing innovative projects that make business sense. Here is a great example from Metzgers in Toledo, Ohio. Their premise is that dealers and sales people ought to spend their time selling – not running marketing campaigns, doing mailings, or managing databases. At the same time, those dealers and sales people need marketing campaigns to generate leads that drive business.

Metzgers came up with an effective and efficient solution that enables one of their corporate clients to run marketing campaigns with offers and branding unique to each dealer from corporate headquarters. These campaigns drive business to their dealers without taking time away from selling. In this video, Eric Leslie, Metzgers Chief Technology Officer, shows how it’s done using PageFlex Storefront and Xerox FreeFlow.

This is part of one of two new PODi workflow case studies on Metzgers that contain write-ups and videos about:

  • this corporate-run dealer marketing application
  • a service Metzgers provides letting dealers personalize and order corporate brochures with their own images, descriptions and contact information
  • and a way for sales reps to order sales binders containing a custom cover letter and relevant sales brochures inserted in the order they desire.

PODi members can access these new workflow case studies online in the workflow case study section of the PODi site at This is one of a growing series of workflow case studies and product briefings created to help PODi members efficiently grow their business.

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