Miami University Proves Value of Relevant Marketing for Student Recruitment

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Business Objectives: Miami University had revamped its Honors Program to give students the opportunity to shape their studies and explore interests beyond the traditional classroom.
Eager to increase awareness of—and enrollment in—its cutting-edge program, Miami University needed a cutting-edge strategy to:

  • Prove that customized, data-driven direct marketing generates more interest among the targeted audience—high potential high school students
  • Increase Honors website traffic
  • Capture information from prospective students to make future communications more relevant
  • Increase attendance at on-campus visitor events
  • Increase the number of prospective Honors applicants
  • Increase enrollment in the Honors program

Results: Through multi-channel communications including variable data personalization, Personalized URLs, direct mail and email, Miami University enjoyed a number of successes including:

  • Personalized URL Response
    • 39% of visitors completed survey form
    • 89% of students who completed survey received the variable mailer
    • 99% of respondents were interested in receiving future communications
  • Applicants & Enrollment
    • Strategic targeting reduced print & mailing costs by 29%
    • Total applicants increased by 4%
    • Enrolled an incoming class 31% over goal
  • Campus Visits
    • Increased total student visits by 32%
    • Achieved a 300% increase in Scholar Saturday visits
  • Proving the power of relevant marketing
    • 90.5% of enrolled Honors students responded to the data-driven mailer; only 9.5% received control mailers
    • 94% of prospective students who responded received the variable mailers – representing a 1,466.8% increase in response over the control
    • 98.5% of suspects converted to prospects came from the variable campaign, a 6,610.6% advantage over the control campaign. (Suspects were students with no known prior contact but who fit the University’s basic academic profile. Prospects were students who expressed some level of interest)

Read more about how this campaign was structured and why it succeeded.

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