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Marketing for the AppForum conference gives us the chance to actually try out some of the very exciting technology and new cross media strategies we feature at the event. Last year it was QR codes and augmented reality with our tie-in to the award-winning Tissot Watches campaign. This year it’s integrated cross media and XMPie’s cool new personalized video.

We’ve partnered with creative agency, DME Studios, who have created a quirky character named Herman. Herman works for a company that has not embraced the opportunities enabled by digital printing and personalization. In a series of video blogs, he shares his frustration at not being able to move his company and career forward by attending the AppForum.

Each video includes personalized imagery specific to the individual viewer.

The campaign includes direct mail postcards which lead users to a personalized landing page and their first encounter with Herman. They also get a series of follow-up emails in a coordinated DRIP campaign inviting viewers to see the next installments of Herman’s video blog. Additional viewers are added to the program through social media, viral referrals and communications by AppForum media sponsors. Check it out yourself at

Ben Dyon, our pal and CEO at DME Studios, says they have seen significant increases in response/conversion rates when adding personalization in video, print and web. He adds, “The PODi AppForum campaign is a showcase of how to integrate different media channels into one complete personalized campaign”.

“XMPie is very excited to work with PODi and our great customer DME Studios on this exceptional, highly engaging campaign, which shows the power of 1:1 cross media marketing with video personalization,” says Larry Zusman of XMPie. “And as will be demonstrated at the AppForum 2012 in Las Vegas, this is a game-changer for us all.”

If you check out Herman’s blog we think you’ll agree that he could really use a good game-changer. If you could too, be sure to join us at AppForum.

(DME Studios and XMPie will be detailing the Herman campaign & personalized video in a preconference intensive session, On the Cutting Edge of Cross Media. The session will also include the latest on augmented reality and personalized designer QR codes. )

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