Marketing Solutions for the Dealer Channel

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Marketers are being asked to do more with less, and nowhere is the challenge more apparent than when managing marketing communications for a far-flung network of dealers. PODi has just completed an analysis of our case study database to see how relevant marketing powered by online marketing resource centers is being used by innovative marketers to drive results. The study, “Marketing Solutions for the Dealer Channel” highlights solutions that can be used by any manufacturer who must support a dealer network.

To promote sales of their products, manufacturers need to effectively provide dealers with marketing materials that will support the purchase process and follow-up customer communications. Challenges that marketers face in trying to provide this include:

  • Customizing collateral for local needs
  • Maintaining brand control and ensuring professional quality
  • Reducing time to market for new collateral
  • Growing sales by increasing touchpoints between dealers and customers
  • Reducing costs
  • Ensuring information is up-to-date and accurate
  • Improving relations with dealers

Online marketing resource centers are web-to-print solutions that enable dealers to customize and order marketing support materials on an as-needed basis. They are proving to be a vital tool in meeting these challenges head-on.

   For instance, Mercury Marine, a manufacturer of marine engines, maintains brand and quality control over 4500 independent dealers with a web-based program called Mercury Online Marketing. The Mercury branded site provides secure access for dealers and based on their login, each dealer has access to materials specific to their dealership.

As a result, all collateral now conforms to Mercury Marine’s brand, dealers get custom communications in days, not weeks, and a tight marketing budget goes further and performs better than ever.

“Marketing Solutions for the Dealer Network” uses PODi case studies to illustrate how resource centers answer all the other challenges outlined above. This paper is a PODi member exclusive, designed to be used by creative solution sales teams to get insight into customer needs and best practice solutions, use as incentives to get leads or appointments, and share as proof your solutions will work. “Exactly the kind of industry information our sales reps need to engage in solution selling conversations with potential clients,” says Crystal Uppercue from EU Services.

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