Manage Complex Cross-Media Campaigns with a Smart Marketing Platform

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Business Objectives

Zodiac Pool Systems required a cost-effective and easy-to-implement marketing platform that could improve efficiency, track results and increase return-on-investment on their existing marketing mix without adding complexity.

Support from multiple departments needed to be kept to an absolute minimum during implementation of the solution. Additional budget for new projects was limited, IT and other internal technical support was not readily available, and the marketing department did not have additional manpower resources. Goals for the campaign came in three categories:

  • Grow revenue by:
    • Increasing campaign impressions/reach
    • Simplifying lead nurture & follow-up
    • Increasing survey submissions
    • Increasing consumer list size with opt-ins
  • Increase efficiency by:
    • Tracking the rebate cycle Improving campaign reporting
    • Managing consumer profiles (opt-outs) Improving data management
    • Simplifying dealer opt-in process
  • Decrease cost by:
    • Lowering total cost & decreasing cost per conversion

The target metrics for the campaign in 2011 were to reach 15,000 rebate downloads and have a cost per conversion of less than $100.

Results: Zodiac Pool Systems selected JFM Concepts and their VDP Web marketing platform to develop and coordinate their cross-media strategy. With the new solution Zodiac saw a dramatic improvement in results.


  • More than 200% improvement in rebate downloads without an increase in marketing budget
  • 400% decrease in cost per conversion for PPC advertising
  • Personalized URLs allowed direct mail tracking campaign-wide and on a prospect-by-prospect basis for the first time
  • Response rates (visiting the Personalized URL) ranging from 4% to 12%

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