Komori’s Impremia IS29 is Ready for Prime Time

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Komori’s Impremia IS29 is a B2+ UV inkjet digital press and is one of the latest entries into the inkjet cutsheet market. This press is targeted for the commercial print market as it offers offset image quality on standard offset coated media.

The IS29 is ideal for companies running 400K sheets per months and keep in mind the IS29 runs a 23”x29” sheet allowing 6 letter size pages up per sheet. However the economics work out for companies running 167K sheets (1 million pages) per month and even less for companies with high value added applications.  The press is priced competitively with other B2 presses.

Running at a speed of 3,000 sheets per hour, IS-29 customers are having success with the press in three major areas:


  • Short run offset substitution.
  • Variable data printing
  • Large format

The press with its UV ink set can run on an amazing breadth of media from:

  • Up to 24 pt. stock, including standard offset coated and uncoated
  • plastics
  • canvas
  • synthetics

Books are a popular application.  The quality of the IS29 is winning over customers.

  • A large shoe manufacturer is running 12×18 saddle bound books with perfect front to back color matching and registration
  • A utility company produced 4000 copies of an 80 page book again with perfect color matching and front to back registration from sheet to sheet throughout the entire run

With the combination B2+ sheet size, UV inks, and auto duplexing customers are finding the press attractive for variable data postcards.  The ability to get more up per sheet drives down the cost.  Auto duplexing ensures no issues with matching up variable data during production, and the ink adhesion is “bullet proof” eliminating the need for any post coating.

Companies are winning business with the press that was out of reach before. One of Komori’s first customers won a variable data job printing handicap placards on a plastic/synthetic substrate.

In common across all applications is outstanding image quality. The press boasts resolution of 1200×1200 dpi with a gamut larger than offset. Customers continue to be impressed with the color quality and consistency across long runs.

The IS29 is built in collaboration with Konica Minolta.  It uses the Konica Minolta inkjet imaging system and Komori paper transport.  The Konica Minolta version of the product is the AccurioJet KM-1.

With over a dozen installations up and running and the completion of successful beta programs the IS29 is ready for commercial printers to put to the test.

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