Komori Big Iron Includes Digital Inkjet Cutsheet and Continuous Feed

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Highly regarded offset press manufacturer, Komori, has added high end inkjet for both cutsheet and continuous feed to their portfolio.  Komori has partnered with Konica Minolta and Screen to add two new high-powered products to their lineup. At a recent customer open house Komori was demonstrating the range of their offering by producing all the key components of a cross media campaign on digital and offset technology. 

Variable direct mailers used for acquiring leads were produced on a Screen Truepress 520HD, which Komori is now selling. This press runs at 164 fpm for very high quality (1200 x 1200 dpi) work or at higher speeds (394 fpm – soon to be 492 fpm) with lower resolutions 600 x 600 dpi.  The press uses Ricoh inkjet heads with a Screen front end and screen paper handling. The press runs a variety of inkjet treated papers and Komori noted the price of these papers is now only 5%-10% higher than standard coated papers, down from a 25% to 30% premium just a couple years ago. As the volume of output on high speed continuous feed inkjet presses continues to grow the paper companies are realizing better economies and combined with new innovations the price of inkjet papers continues to decrease. The press handles papers from 18 lb. bond on up to 9 pt.

Komori Campaign001

On the cutsheet side the Impremia IS29 was printing posters for the campaign and personalized response mailers.  The IS29, built in partnership with Konica Minolta, is a B2 size inkjet press aimed squarely at the graphics arts market. It’s a UV inkjet press with offset quality and it prints on standard offset stocks.  Komori was showing off samples of output from the IS29 and a Komori offset press and I couldn’t see any difference. The ability to run standard offset stocks and a nice range of synthetics is tied to the use of UV inks, which cure rapidly, adhering nicely to all the usual substrates.  Offering a 23”x29” sheet they are the only B2 press manufacturer that can get 6 up on a sheet, which can be a nice advantage for certain jobs.  The front end for the press can handle large variable data jobs and produce output at 3,000 sheets per hour (300 ppm).

The IS29 can handle stock up to 24 pt., which makes folding cartons a viable option as well. And a new Komori partner, Highcon, was on hand to describe how their digital cutting and creasing machine is a great complement to the an IS29 for short run packaging and creating new value added designs.

Static brochures for the campaign were being run on a Komori G40P offset press. The demonstration showed off new advances that minimize make-ready and clean up, reducing the time between jobs to as little as 75 seconds. The press has sophisticated color management technology that enables to the press to get to consistent color in 20 sheets. So while digital printing continues to get faster and running costs are dropping, offset technology is not standing still. Shorter make-ready times and less waste are countering digital advances.

Komori’s move into digital is squarely in the high volume arena with the Impremia IS29 for cutsheet and the Screen Truepress 520HD for continuous feed. Both are a nice solid complement to their traditional big iron presses.

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