Innovative Training Opportunities for Service Providers

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At the PODi AppForum last week, Rab Govil, President of PODi, announced a line-up of in-depth courses designed to help print and marketing service providers grow their business. “This new interactive training program was born out of a sense of frustration that people come and learn all this great content at AppForum, but they aren’t able to apply it in their day-to-day lives and change behavior in their organizations on a more consistent basis,” said Rab. These new courses will offer learning opportunities throughout the year with assignments and personalized coaching that will help attendees take positive steps towards improving sales and their business.

The course series that PODi has developed for the rest of the year falls into three categories

  • How do you change your business model including new strategies and delivering new solutions
  • Selling into a vertical market – focusing on how to connect with prospects, key solutions needed and how to handle common objections
  • How to market yourself including content marketing and social media marketing

Courses are taught by industry experts, many of whom have “walked in the shoes” of PODi members and have presented at PODi AppForums. The current course schedule is:


The courses will utilize PODi’s online social learning platform, Zenarate. Within Zenarate course attendees will learn from peers and experts using interactive videos, reinforce messaging through practice, and receive individualized coaching.

The first course in the series, “Transforming Your Business: Essential Requirements for Being an MSP” begins on June 2nd. To learn more and to register for the course visit the PODi site. Interested individuals should register quickly as class size is being limited to 15 to enable class participation and personalized coaching.

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