If you need to digitally print a LOT of books, you should check this out

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Canon Books ThumbnailI recently did a product briefing on Canon’s Oce PRISMAproduction Professional Book Module and it is a pretty impressive automated digital book production workflow solution. The catch is that you probably need to be digitally printing many hundreds or thousands of books per week to justify the investment. However, you should read on if you are a traditional book printer and you’re looking at the lucrative, high-volume, short-run book production market.

Digital book production is a tricky application for a few reasons:

  • Every book has a book block and a cover which need to be separately produced and synchronized in the bindery.
  • Books contain a lot of pages – and page costs need to be carefully controlled.
  • Waste – in terms of components and work – needs to be minimized much more than with long-run offset book production.

Streamlining workflows to efficiently do this is a challenge. Doing it for hundreds of orders containing thousands of line items for books every week is a mammoth undertaking. There are a number of one-off high-volume book production installations out there – including some based upon Canon Oce PRISMAproduction. The difference here is that Canon has taken what they’ve learned over the years and packaged it into a repeatable and customizable solution. This is important because it migrates the technology from one-off systems custom-designed for early adopter printers to customizable solutions suitable for more mainstream book printers who want to begin augmenting or replacing their offset business with digital.

This video provides a quick 5-minute overview of the system and is one of three videos contained in the PODi product briefing available online for PODi members on the www.podi.org website.

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