I Know Multi-channel Marketing – What is Omni-channel Marketing?

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Every so often I talk to someone with so much enthusiasm that I can barely keep up and it makes my job so much fun. Rob Jozefowicz, Vice President Strategic Accounts at Freedom Graphic Systems is just such a person. I was expecting a conversation about interactive print and, well, I lost control of the interview and it went way beyond that.

GC: I read your AppForum session description in the Emerging Opportunities in Print general session. Could you tell me more about what you’re going to say about interactive print?

RJ: Well, Greg, it is so much more than interactive print. It’s really about an omni-channel marketing approach.

GC: OK, what is omni-channel marketing?

RJ: Old school multi-channel approaches link online and offline content with things like QR Codes, augmented reality and mobile websites. The omni-channel approach is all about knowing about your experience, data and analytics, and understanding mobile. With it, you don’t just feed between channels but to get them to really work together.

GC: Could you give me an example?

RJ: Imagine this: Scanning a soft drink logo automatically downloads an app that runs the video commercial and, since we know your location it also gives you store coupon for the store you’re currently in. Now, you can also share or like, get more information, and so forth and the app captures all this information and tracks the sharing and site visits.

GC: OK, so…

RJ: Take this even further, imagine you scan something, get a coupon and share it. Then the people it was shared with can get some other offer as well. As they start using and sharing them we can start building analytics around them to find similarities. This kind of turns traditional segmentation on its head. Instead of identifying demographics in advance for targeting, we learn from analytics of social interactions who’s using it to determine the common demographics which you can then use in the next round.

GC: Wow, that’s…

RJ: Yeah, next imagine that the app downloaded from the scan identifies you as an association member. Now as you travel around you can be notified of special discounts for members at nearby retail establishments. These might be things you were never aware of before.

GC: And all this is linked…

RJ: Imagine this: a print store catalog or postcard arrives in the mail. What if you could scan products you like, have accessories that go with your selection automatically recommended, and even notify the local outlet, who could have them pulled and ready for you to see when you arrive along with special offers.

GC: OK, Rob, you’ve thrown out a lot of possibilities and ideas that are exciting but I really need to see them in action to get my head around what’s real and what’s just possible. I think we need more time with you at AppForum beyond just the Emerging Technologies general session. Would you consider taking an hour to demonstrate and discuss omni-channel marketing at my Relevant Direct Marketing preconference intensive?

RJ: I’d love to. Count me in!

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