How will you leverage digital printing technology for your business?

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For companies that are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities enabled by digital printing I routinely see companies adopting one of three business models:

  • Print on Demand
  • Marketing Services
  • Re-engineering or streamlining print processes for enterprises

smartpressA number of companies in the digital printing segment have configured their businesses for offer rapid turnaround services, often referred to as print-on-demand. A common theme with these companies is that they are using online technolgy to automate the ordering process and then they work tirelessly at automating as much of the preflight as possible so that orders are not touched by workers until they get to the press.




Providing marketing services is a classic strategy for looking at the services that precede or follow the printing of marketing collateral and then offering them to the customer to provide a complete solution.   Common examples include providing integrated direct mail campaigns and building and operating online marketing resource portals.


And a third business model is to use technology to build connections between a customer’s IT system and the data they need to print on a regular basis. The printer can charge for the service and gets the print volume.Digital Lizard

Applications where this principle is applied include:

  • Communications with customers required by law or for renewals
  • Enrollment Kits – personalization reduces overall pages
  • Mailing of passwords and pin numbers


Each of these business models can be successful in its own right, but they each require different skill sets and focus.  The images shown are screen shots from successful companies that are following each of these business models. Many more examples of the applications used in these business models can be found in the PODi case studies.

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