How will printers grow their businesses?

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In 2016 production print service providers had a good year. In our recent Caslon survey, more printers reported increases in annual revenues than declines by at least a 2 to 1 ratio.

As such, they bought more color digital print engines and produced more color digital pages than ever before.

Each year Caslon surveys the printing market either in North America or W. Europe.  This year in North America we surveyed printers in seven segments and in this article we are sharing some of the results for two of the seven segments.

Caslon’s survey of commercial printers with >10 employees shows that approximately 70% of the companies grew their revenue in 2016 and 85% expect to grow revenues in 2017This is consistent with an analysis of Printing Impressions data that was published earlier this year.

Com Print Rev Growth

Another segment we call the Digital Printer segment (primarily drives revenue from digital printing and solutions with no or little offset printing) had even better results and expectations for 2017. Roughly a third of this segment grew revenue by over 10% with similar expectations in this coming year.

Dig print rev growth

With offset pages declining printers have to find new areas to invest in to grow their businesses. Our survey shows printers are investing a number of areas.  To grow their businesses, Commercial Printers plan to invest in marketing services, wide format, mailing services, and print on demand.

Com print investments

Over half the respondents in the Digital Printer segment plan to invest in their bindery, mailing solutions, digital color printing, fulfillment services and wide format. Nearly half are investing in print on demand and marketing services.

dig print investments

The survey shows that roughly two thirds of the printers are making money and expect to do so again in 2017. These results are much more positive than a few years ago. Printers plan to grow their business by investing in a diverse set of areas with wide format and digital color printing solutions topping the list.

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