Heidelberg to Offer a Digital Publishing Solution for Printer Service Providers

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Last week Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) announce that it is investing in the German software company Neo7even, based in Siegen, in a move to gain a foothold in the multi-channel publishing growth segment. According to the company it aims to use Neo7even software to open up new business options for print shops, enabling them to offer their customers media-neutral publishing services.  And the new portfolio ties in closely with the Prinect print shop workflow from Heidelberg.

“We view this investment as a further key milestone in expanding the range of innovative digital solutions for our customers,” said Heidelberg CEO Dr. Gerold Linzbach. “This opens up new business opportunities for print shops and for Heidelberg.” 

This comes on the heels of Xerox’s announcement at Print 13 about their new product called FreeFlow™ Digital Publisher (http://www.xerox.com/digital-printing/workflow/freeflow/digital-publisher/enus.html). This product allows you to provide both print and mobile/online communications simultaneously using a single, unified workflow. Personally I think this product was one of the “jewels” of the Print 13 show.

I took a look at the Neo7even website (www.neo7even.de) to see what type of applications they were showing. They listed catalogs, brochures, advertisements, direct mail, newsletters, and even business cards as applications for multichannel publishing: print, web, and mobile.

As for vertical industries that have need, they mentioned Financial, Franchises, Life Science, Automotive, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Mail Order and more.

The point is that the idea of multi-channel publishing is not just for magazines and large catalogs.  Companies of all shapes have an increasing need to manage communications across multiple channels and this is especially true for marketing departments as they need to reach customers and prospects. This represents a new revenue stream opportunity and it is ideally suited for Printers. Printers are experts at taking customer files, which are not yet print ready and turning them into beautiful documents. These new software tools will allow printers to take customer files and not only create great printed documents, but also web and mobile documents simultaneously.

There are hundreds of potential applications out there now.  Restaurants are one of the early adopters. Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR restaurants use print for their menus, tablets for their drink and dessert menus and iPods for a customer satisfaction survey.  Applebee’s just announced they are purchasing 100,000 tablets for their restaurants.  Chili’s has display devices on their tables. And as Neo7even noted there are many potential applications in just about every vertical market.   It’s a good time to check out the new software tools and talk to your existing customers about their multichannel publishing needs.

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Comment from Les Csonge
Time December 1, 2014 at 5:43 am

Good to see realisation and recognition on the growth and potential of Digital Publishing, especially alongside Print, and the provision of those ancillary growing demand services by traditional printers (and corporations), a trend likely to grow and expand.

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