Hands-On Instruction Will Jumpstart Your Sales Prospecting

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The advantages of a good sales prospecting program are clear – increased sales, lower expenses, improved productivity and improved relationships with customers. But how do you actually conduct an effective prospect search? What are the tools that are available to the average printer and what are the best practices for using them?

John-Leininger-titleI spent some time talking with Dr. John Leininger, professor in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, and he has some answers that he will be sharing in his upcoming PODi Institute course.

According to John, the strongest printers are using a vertical market strategy. While most print and marketing services executives know this, very few have actually applied it to their businesses in a meaningful way. One reason for this is that they’ve been told what they need to do but not taught how to do it.

John’s classes and related exercises are specifically focused on how to select and research a vertical market. He goes through how to identify one in which you might already have success, to conduct research on key trends and challenges that marketers in that segment are currently facing, and to leverage that understanding into solutions and messaging you can deliver.

This isn’t just theory as John walks participants through how to use available tools. In fact, everyone registered for the course will get a free, trial access to REDBOOKS, a comprehensive lead generation and competitive intelligence tool. John will also review other tools like MarketLine Advantage, Reference USA, Mergent Online, LinkedIn and others. According to John, when the class is done participants will have identified really good prospects that they can pursue now.

In addition to identifying key prospects, another key component of a sales prospecting program is taking a look at how you are presenting yourself. John shared that he still finds it astounding that salespeople who profess to review the LinkedIn profiles of their prospects, still neglect the development of their own profile. If you are researching your customer, you can bet they are also researching you before they agree to accept an appointment.

John will be teaching best practice principles for how to set up your LinkedIn profile and how to use LinkedIn to connect with prospects. John feels this is so important that he is even sharing extra content on this topic. In addition to the 4 webinars that are a part of this course, John will make available to participants an additional recorded presentation that focuses on how to use LinkedIn. After participants update their own LinkedIn profile, John will provide individual feedback and suggestions.

The course is called “Build Your Pipeline with Effective Sales Prospecting” and consists of 4, weekly interactive online classes starting Tuesday, September 26th. If you are unable to make the live sessions – no worries – you can still participate by watching the recordings of the sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity to kick start your sales. Register now by visiting the PODi website.

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