Ghosts of Marketing Campaigns Past

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Do you ever revisit your marketing programs a year or even two later? Sometimes, in the midst of all the stress, deadlines and craziness, we miss the coolness of what we create. It can be such a pleasure to go back and see it again with fresh eyes.

I’m reminded of this now, after a revisit of last year’s AppForum marketing campaign. Every year we feature an emerging technology or strategy, and this one used cross media with personalized video, triggered emails, landing pages, QR Codes and personalized direct mail. Produced by DME Studios, the Herman campaign won big at the Daytona Beach 2012 Addy Awards – with a Gold, Best of Show-Electronic and Judges Choice. Even so it’s easy to look back and see where things could have been improved. Oh, yes indeed… :)

 But using a new technology – personalized video powered by XMPie – and working with innovators like DME Studios, resulted in something COOL. It was fun to once again follow Herman’s Video Blog, as he bemoaned the fact that he would not be able to attend AppForum because his company just didn’t GET IT. To watch him become more frustrated and frenzied as he personalized mugs and t-shirts with his magic marker – well, just glad I wasn’t him.

I checked back with Morgan Seedarnee at DME Studios to see what’s new with personalized video.

“We’ve had a great response when this is used as part of an integrated campaign and the videos are relevant. We’ve tried to go beyond the basic “first name” variable and make videos that are relevant in location and content,” she says.  “For example, a national real estate broker is using personalized ‘news casts’ read by each of their Realtors to send monthly updates to their buyers and sellers. These incorporate their local housing market info and the most current interest rates, and are narrated by the Realtor and personalized with their information.  It’s a long way from canned e-mail updates with the same information for everyone. We’ve also used personalized video for more entertaining purposes that engage users with a brand or event, where viewers answer questions on a sign-up page and their responses appear in the video in a mad-libs type style.”

“It’s often difficult for clients to wrap their heads around video personalization and how it could work for their campaign. We found that the best way to market this service is to have people experience it firsthand.  You have to be able to produce something that works for your marketing purpose and doesn’t look forced. It isn’t right for every market or client, however we use it whenever it will work for the campaign and produce that “wow” factor to engage the viewer or add relevance to what they are watching. We’ve seen great success in the collegiate and professional sports industry, where fans enjoy seeing themselves connected with their team. The entertainment value and level of engagement is ideal for customer retention because those fans will become your brand ambassador and share their personalized video experience, creating an extra lift in response. ”

And that is the key – technologies are uber-cool, but they have to advance the campaign, engage individual customers, and add value to the package.  This is where the marketer needs a smart solutions provider partner, like DME Studios – or like any of the PODi member companies – to help them choose and integrate all the best tools, technologies, channels and media for any given purpose.

So what new stuff will this year’s AppForum marketing campaign include? Stay tuned to find out…

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Time September 20, 2013 at 4:59 am

I think it is good to check the technologies but as stated here they have to advance the campaign.

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