Getting to Sales Ready – For You and Your Customer

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In a recent PODi coaching session, Joe Manos, EVP of MindFireInc, shared that a large percentage of PSP’s don’t have an active lead generation program in place and the biggest reason given for this is that they don’t have the time. These same organizations often don’t have an ongoing self-promotion program. “As much as we like to think that our customers remember every capability that we have, they don’t,” said Manos. “They’re super busy, they go from project to project, and they forget about critical resources that you have. Without a self-promotion program in place you lose that opportunity to stay top of mind, which is essential for creating new revenue.” Furthermore, with sales resources being such a precious commodity in any organization, failure to feed your team with quality sales ready leads will impact your business.

Instituting a program to generate sales ready leads can significantly impact your business and offering this service to your customers can be a game changing area of opportunity.

What is a sales ready lead? It is a lead that meets a set of criteria that indicate the following:

  • A qualified buyer (money, authority and need)
  • Has intent (to purchase product or service)
  • Time frame (less than 90 days)

The criteria vary by organization, as everyone’s sales process and the product and/or service they are offering differs.

Having a lead qualification process in place is important as not all leads are created equal. In today’s world the consumer is in control. In many cases they have done extensive research about different options before they ever reach out to a company. And more importantly a lot of time is wasted chasing leads that are simply in the research mode.

According to Manos, the benefits of focusing on sales ready leads, for you and your customer, are significant.

  • Reduced days to sales
  • Increased revenue per rep
  • Increased # of sales per month
  • Increased return on marketing investment

An effective marketing program for generating sales ready leads includes 4 steps:

  • Creating a personalized experience across multiple channels (Lead Generation)
  • Building and cultivating a relationship (Lead Nurturing)
  • Finding those who are most interested (Lead Scoring)
  • Sending (only) “sales-ready” leads to the sales team – immediately

PODi members who want to learn more about these steps and how to implement a similar program at their organization, or their customer’s, are invited to watch the full 30-minute coaching session within the Zenarate platform. If your company is a PODi member and you have not yet enabled your Zenarate access please complete the Contact Us form.

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