Four Way Battle for Light Production Color Market

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In my last two blog articles (click here) I discussed the heavy and mid-duty cycle segments of the color digital printing market. Now let’s take a look at the light production duty cycle segment, which has print engines that print up to 100K simplex, letter size impressions per month.  The following print engines are included: Xerox C60, C70 and Versant 80, Konica Minolta bizhub Press C1060 and C1070, Canon ImagePRESS C700/C800 and IR Advance Pro C9270/C9280, and Ricoh Pro C5100/C5110 and Pro C651EX/C751EX.

light production presses

The chart shows all the print engines have speeds between 60 and 80 ppm and prices between $40K and $60K. The variation in pricing can be attributed to pricing of accessories such as the specific DFE and accompanying software or configuration of stackers and feed drawers.  Bottom line is pricing is very competitive amongst the models.

These four vendors have been battling in this space for several years now.  Market share leadership swings with the introduction of new products. In 2015 Xerox and Canon took the top spots with Ricoh and Konica Minolta close behind. This was driven by the C60/C70 products from Xerox and the ImagePRESS C700/C800 from Canon.

An interesting trend in this segment is for vendors to use the same imaging technology in their light production presses that is used in their higher end presses. Canon has done this with the ImagePRESS C700 and C800 presses and Ricoh had done this with the Pro C5100/C5110 presses.  This trend is bringing very high quality output to the light production segment.

Another key trend is the ability to run a wide range of stock including textured, synthetics, heavier stocks and envelopes. This is opening up new applications for these presses that were out of reach prior.

Inline finishing options are available and very popular in the light production segment, whereas offline finishing is more popular in the heavier duty cycle segments.

And of course these presses are getting faster. One can get a 60-80 ppm press with outstanding image quality for about $50K, a huge improvement from just a few years ago. These continued advancements are the key driver in this segment which now places more than 12,000 presses annually in North America.

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