Dr. Leininger Helps Companies Target Top Prospects

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by Greg Cholmondeley, Workflow Practice Director, PODi and Caslon & Company

MoreThanWebinar2Every salesperson hates cold calling and everyone hates receiving irrelevant calls and direct marketing. So, how do you identify and connect with the top prospects to ensure your sales and marketing activities target the right companies and people?

Dr. John Leininger, professor in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, has some answers. He’ll teach them in his PODi Institute course starting next Wednesday and will help companies apply them to generate their own new, high quality prospects by the time it is completed.

Much of what he teaches in this course isn’t revolutionary, but the difference between his course and a webinar, presentation or article is that he teaches people how to really use the knowledge. It’s the difference between knowing what to do and actually practicing doing it with useful, real-life examples.

For example:

Focusing on key vertical markets is a well-known and powerful strategy. However, while most print and marketing services executives know this, very few have actually applied it to their businesses other than as lip service. The primary reason for this is that they’ve been told what they need to do but not taught how to do it.

One of John’s classes and related assignment is specifically focused on how to select and research a vertical market. He goes through how to identify one in which you might already have success, to conduct research on key trends and challenges that marketers in that segment are currently facing, and to leverage that understanding into solutions and messaging you can deliver. This isn’t just theory and it isn’t as difficult as it might sound. He brings that home with in-class examples and a homework assignment designed for you to do some of this research on your preferred industry. He personally reviews these assignments to provide insights and suggestions for how to improve the results and how to proceed.

His next class takes it to the next level by teaching you how to identify prospective companies and to find individual contacts. He shows insightful techniques and demonstrates how to effectively use a variety of tools and services to discover these contacts and useful information about them. A bonus is that most of the tools and services he teaches students how to use are free but largely unused by our industry giving his students a cost-effective competitive advantage. The homework from this will be to find a prospect company and key contacts in your selected vertical industry using his techniques.

So, after two classes, students have identified and researched a key vertical market and identified a prospect company and key contacts … and he has two more classes in the course!

Yes, this is a plug for Dr. Leininger’s course, but the content and results are so rich and valuable that I feel it is important to share why these courses are much more than just webinars. Besides, John’s contagious enthusiasm completely derailed my last blog into focusing on social media instead of the all the richness of his course.

The course is called Lead Prospecting with a Social Media Twist, costs $295, and consists of 4, weekly interactive online classes starting Wednesday, July 15. If you’re responsible for sales or marketing strategies then you really need to attend this course … unless you already have more high-potential prospects and leads than you need.

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