If you get a direct mail piece in Leeds, UK, does it mean you are old?

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Resource, a British company located in Leeds, has created a very successful campaign designed to acquire new customers for the city’s fitness centers.  The campaign was a fully integrated campaign across multiple media and included direct mail, email, purls, outdoor adverts and on-site banners, social media and local radio.

One of the interesting aspects of this campaign was that not only did they profile the target audience by age groups, which meant personalized images and messages for that age group,  but they also used different media by age group as well. Leeds

There were three age groups. 14-18 yrs., 19-45 yrs., and 46+ years.  Direct mail was sent only to the 46+ group and emails were sent to the other groups.  Offers were the same for the two older groups (15% off the regular membership price) whereas the offer for the teenagers was more compelling (£5 for 2 months).  This means that we can compare the response rates for the two older groups as the only difference was the media that was used to attract attention to the campaign.

Both the email and direct mail communications contained personalized urls, which provided access to the voucher for the offer.  The 19-45 group received the email and 7.2% clicked through to their purl. Whereas only 3.2% of the older prospects went on line and entered their purl.  It makes sense that there would be a higher percentage of folks going to their purl from the email because they were already online.  However the final response rate for each group was the same – about 1.3% downloaded the voucher.  This means the older group that took the time to go online and enter their purl was already somewhat interested in joining up as a much higher percentage of the older group went from their purl and downloaded  the voucher.

Most cross media campaigns that we get to review use all the media types for all the respondents.  However, customizing media by segment is a factor to consider and may raise your ROI.

You can download this case study at http://www.podi.org/Free-Case-Studies.html

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