Direct Mail Volume Up in 2016

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USPS data shows that the volume of Standard A mail rose by 2.3% in 2016 vs 2015.  Volumes rose from 79.4 billion to 81.2 billion pieces. This compares to no change from 2015 to 2016. (Note this is data for the calendar year and not the USPS fiscal year).

Each year Target Marketing does a survey of marketers and they ask how marketers plan to increase, decrease, or keep consistent their spending on long list of marketing methods. It’s interesting to note that will regard to direct mail, more marketers are planning on increasing spending in 2017 vs 2016 (31% vs 25%) but also more marketers are decreasing spending on direct mail (9% vs 6%).  The net is that 3% more marketers are planning on increasing spending on DM, which should bode well for 2017 (that’s assuming the change in spending is comparable in either direction.)

The survey also notes that direct mail spending is 15% of the marketing acquisition budget and 14% of the retention budget. Spending on direct mail is exceeded only by email which has the largest share of both budgets at 25% and 46% respectively.

Direct mail remains an integral part of many marketing campaigns. Recently with the adoption of high speed color inkjet presses marketers are now able to produce campaigns with variable color images and the anecdotal evidence is that response rates are up, driving more revenue for both the marketer and the service provider.  Expect to see greater adoption of personalized direct mail as these new presses get installed throughout the industry.

For anyone interested in learning more about personalized direct mail they can join PODi, which has over 300 case studies on successful examples of personalized direct mail campaigns.

Remember to tell your friends and family to keep opening their mail and buy something.

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