Digital Solution Enables DNA Worldwide to Improve Fulfillment

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DNA Worldwide Case Study LRDNA Worldwide, a leading DNA testing company in the UK, offers a range of ancestry packages to help people find out about their ancestral DNA. When a consumer signs up to this premium service, DNA Worldwide sends out a DNA collection kit so that they can send back a sample of their saliva for analysis. DNA Worldwide’s laboratory then examines the sample and the person’s genetic history is carefully mapped out and illustrated in a highly personalized documentation pack which is sent to them.

DNA Worldwide’s core business is DNA testing – not personalised publishing.  Previously, to deliver this consumer service they had to print and stock over a 1000 different kinds of documents each explaining the genetic history associated with all the different DNA markers. It was a time-consuming and expensive process for DNA Worldwide to assemble the relevant documents and send back the results.

DNA Worldwide turned to Irongate Group, a marketing services provider in Derby, England that produces highly complex, data-driven on-demand products for retail, franchise, non-profit and many other organizations.


Irongate created a new, fully-automated solution that enabled the on-demand production of high-quality, full color personalized reports based on hundreds of variants.

  • The time taken to create and fulfill the personalized reports was reduced from 1 week to 1 day
  • The traditional upfront production costs have now been reduced by 100% and guesswork is eliminated for restocking DNA version types
  • Obsolescence and wastage are now zero

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